A from Monmouthshire

“I undertook therapy with Tina for two years, being counselled for moderate anxiety and clinical depression. Tina is sensitive , non-judgemental, kind, caring and when necessary warmly assertive. I felt she was someone who listened to, acknowledged and understood my issues, who cared about me and who had my best interests at heart; genuinely wanting to spark change and stimulate continuous improvement. I can testify that she has done just that, in the most wonderful way. Her counselling led me to understand myself better and put a lot of psychological distance between myself and the troublesome thoughts underpinning my depression and anxiety. I’m now much more resilient in facing challenges in daily life. Ultimately, Tina guided me in negotiating and understanding my difficult thoughts, pain and moods, change certain behaviours to help me emerge from a very long-term, debilitating depression. I’m very thankful for her understanding and expert guidance.”

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